What is SpaceUp NL?

Alternative Setting Session
CREDIT: Simon Bierwald

Open forum

Everyone is encouraged to give a presentation

Open to all

Everyone with a passion for Space is welcome


Talks are interactive, inspiring and low-level


What is an unconference, you might ask?

As the name indicates, an unconference is not a typical conference, but what does that really mean? At SpaceUp, our goal is to provide the opportunity for space enthusiasts from all walks of life to meet, with the common goal of creating an atmosphere of open exchange between participants. It does not matter if you are a hardcore scientist or if you just find Space awesome. Our aim is to give everyone a platform to discuss their ideas and views. So don’t be shy, we’re all in it together!

SpaceUp is your unconference

Everyone who attends SpaceUp NL is encouraged to give a talk, moderate a panel, or start a discussion. Sessions are proposed and scheduled on the day they’re given, which means the usual “hallway conversations” turn into full-fledged topics. You will be amazed at what comes out of SpaceUp. Based on similar unconferences in other industries, you might see businesses started, problems solved, projects kicked off, plans hatched, and amazing friendships born!

Is this a new concept?

Absolutely not! SpaceUp has been successfully drawing in crowds since 2010. Checkout SpaceUp.org to get a feel for how widespread SpaceUp has become. SpaceUp has landed in The Netherlands and we sincerely hope that there will be many more!

So who are we expecting at SpaceUp NL? Click to find out!


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