When and where will SpaceUp NL be held?

SpaceUp NL 2015 will be held on the 3rd of October, 2015 at Space Expo, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Who is SpaceUp NL geared towards?

Anyone with an interest in the space sector! If you’re even just curious, we suggest you get involved. SpaceUp NL promises to be two action-packed, fun-filled days, so at the very least you’re going to get to meet lots of great people.

Who is invited to come?

Everyone! You don’t need a space degree, job, or astronaut frequent flyer card to come, just a love of space exploration and a passion for meeting new space explorers!

What is an unconference?

A participant-driven meeting. That means it’s YOUR meeting. Want to talk about moon missions? Go ahead. Want to hold a workshop on how to build your own balloon satellites? We welcome you to. Have friends with their own ideas? Invite them to come and add their own perspective too. It’s all up to you!

Can I still be involved if I can’t make it in person?

Sure! Feel free to send us a @60secondstoland video. You can also pitch in by joining discussions on Twitter and Facebook.

Can I give a talk?

Sure thing! There will be ample slots for 15-minute talks that will be scheduled collectively by the attendees at the beginning of each day of the space unconference. Just bring your own enthusiasm and any props/materials you might want (handouts, slides, etc.), sign up for a time and location, and go for it!

Will food and drink be provided?

We will provide you with all the fuel you need during the event to stay on top of those fascinating discussions :).

Can I buy a reduced-rate one-day ticket?

Unfortunately, due to logistical reasons, we are unable to sell reduced-rate tickets.

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