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Remco Timmermans is the president of the international SpaceUp organization, and one of the SSP18 organisers. When there's a Space event to be promoted, Remco is usually around.

Twitter (@timmermansr)

Instagram (@travelsinorbit)

Jeroen Toelen works as Innovation Officer, and has a life-long passion for everything related to Space. He's a SpaceUp veteran and TEDx organiser, and can't wait to welcome you at our event.

Twitter (@jeroentoelen)

Instagram (@jeroentoelen)

Marta Lebrón Gaset works as communication manager for Zero 2 Infinity, a space start-up in Barcelona. She organised SpaceUp Barcelona in the past, is an ISU alumni (SSP17) and volunteers as Chief Editor for Space Generation Advisory Council.

Twitter (@MLBluespace)

Instagram (@marlebga)


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