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Vis Viva is a new society for space professionals. Its goals is to unite, to teach and learn, and to explore. To this end Vis Viva frequently and regularly organizes a range of events. Its cornerstone are bi-weeklies, an informal gathering where members can exchange and discuss space topics.The Netherlands Space Society (NVR) is the foremost platform for space professionals from or working in Holland. As an organisation, we are the product of a long and rich 60 year history, and have been an advocate of the innovative space sector in the Netherlands.
Decos develops innovative software for businesses and governments at the intersection of productivity and sustainability. Decos is the market leader in The Netherlands in software that helps digitize paper streams and optimize processes. Our latest innovation is Flo: an Android app that offers insight into driving behaviors and that coaches drivers to improve their habits.What EJR Quartz can do for you: provide English writing & editing services; deliver graphical design & multimedia content; offer content management for large & small sites; supply programming & database expertise; advise on & manage your social media channels; run a daily online news service; publish in a number of languages; promote your site & track its impact; and manage live web events.
Dinamica Srl is devoted to developing cutting-edge solutions and products for clients based on their most challenging needs, striving for effectiveness and excellence. Dinamica serves the space sector as well as space-for-non-space applications.At HE Space, we are passionate about space and passionate about people! We specialize in personnel recruitment with an exclusive focus on the space sector. This makes us one of a kind, since no other engineering services company combines the exclusive focus on space with the broad, international network, which we have built over 30 years.
TNO is known worldwide as a top developer of scientific instruments for earth observation and space science. Dozens of satellites are equipped with instruments and sensors that are designed, built and calibrated by TNO. Among other things, they accurately measure air quality so that timely smog alerts can be given when pollution levels are high. In everything we do, impact is the key!TU Delft houses a large concentration of space engineers. Five faculties work on space topics, e.g. designing and operating spacecraft, searching for life on exoplanets, using satellite technology and Earth-based sensors to study System Earth, and developing micro-electronics to make satellites fly in swarms. Combined, the disciplines lead to exciting projects: nano-satellite Delfi-n3Xt for example and our new CyberZoo, where space technology makes robots work together.
Eye On Orbit provides Intelligence on space-systems and -data for space industry, institutes, government agencies and investors. Eye On Orbit has a proven track record in technical consultancy for space-policy, -programmes, -projects and -proposals.SSBV is a Dutch-headed, technology driven company, active in the domains of (aero)Space, Remote Sensing & Monitoring, Defence & Security, and the development of High-Tech Systems. Based on in-house technology, engineering, assembly and test skills, SSBV is a product-based solution provider at unit, subsystem and system level.
Expression in Design offers attractive, practical and functional websites for clients all over the world. We specialise in web design/development, Content Management Systems, logo & graphic design, hosting and maintenance.The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. Its mission is to shape the development of Europe’s space capability and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world. ESA is an international organisation with 20 Member States. By coordinating the financial and intellectual resources of its members, it can undertake programmes and activities far beyond the scope of any single European country.