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Who talked about us?

SpaceUp NL 2014 was featured in the Netherlands Space Society's Ruimtevaart magazine.

You can grab a digital copy of the edition including the article here (in English only).


A review of SpaceUp NL 2014 appeared on the Vis Viva website. Check it out here (in English and Dutch).

An overview of the SpaceUp NL 2014 event can be found on the ESA website. You can read the article here (in Dutch only).

Arie Nouwen wrote a great piece on last year's event that appeared on Astroblogs. Read his take on SpaceUp NL 2014 here (in Dutch only).

The space game "Interplanetary Abundance" was played for the first time by SpaceUp NL 2014 participants. The game was organized by our sponsor Eye on Orbit. Read Erik Laan's take on how the game played out here (in English only).